Bella is popular not because she is pretty but because she is a hoe,who get what ever she wants and never gets caught she might seems to be your friend but when you need her were she at tho.If you have the same crush as her you better watch out she will date him and talk shit about u if u want an advise watch out she's not a girl you want to have as an enemy but as a friend either.
maya;she a hoe
other girl; did u see bella she's with your ex
by michelleraw June 28, 2016
A cold blooded hobbit that rules over all the world. Her favorite color is blue and she doesn't let people kill her vibe or she feeds them to her lions.
Wow , Donald Trump sucks, he should be more like a Bella.
by Hobbitqueen April 05, 2016
A Beautiful girl how sings good had is very intelligent and her hair is always on fleek she is the most beautifully girl you have ever seen.

Person 1:that girl is sooo hot
Person 2: yeah so back off she's mine
random person: is her name Bella because she looks like one?
by Beast mode 17 December 29, 2015
Literally means "beautiful" in Italian. Often used like "Hi" and "Bye" too.
Ok, bella!

Oh bella, come stai?
by Sherden October 12, 2015
nicest girl ever who is kinda salty and savage but fun to be around.
Guy: Hey should i ask Bella out?
Guy #2: just be prepared to get ditched by her. She a thot, fam
Guy # 1: she isn't tho
by SwegMester July 07, 2015
Nice and kind but can use you for a greater good. Can be mean but she is just sensitive and emotional. She needs tender love care.
You would be lucky to have a friend like her. She likes her food and could be said as "chunky" but it just adds to her great personality
"She is a bella, beautiful in her own way"
by mylife February 24, 2015
A tweakah from Kauai #murf
Bella u fuckin murf
by Clitoickah May 23, 2016
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