A female horse in the "Wheel of Time" series by Robert Jordan. First belonged to Rand and his father, then rode by Egwene, than by Suan Sanche. A loyal animal, which will never throw one from its back.
There was surprise in Bella's wet eye, when the girl went towards her.

He padded Bella's neck, hoping to soothe her.
by Winterheart6660 November 19, 2009
A nickname for Isabella or Isabelle.

Commonly heard of from people who read Twilight, for Bella Swan is the main character.

A name for a caring, awesome, incredible girl that understand you and is like your exact copy.
Ex. 1: Bree: "Hi Isabella!"
Isabella: "Call me Bella."

Ex. 2: Girl: "Bella is so lucky to have Edward Cullen!"

Ex. 3: Girl 1: "Justine is so awesome!"
Girl 2: "Yeah shes such a Bella."
by LYLASBella April 11, 2009
See that girl


She's Bella aint she

by AC December 23, 2003
shes basically a fatty proffesional dancer, usually dirty blonde hair, hazel eyes, and is quite short. She gives good realtionship advice but doesn't have one of her own. Also is sometimes allergic to pineapples
Look at her dance, shes such a Bella!
by ILIKEFISHEGGS May 17, 2012
A word used to describe girls that are whores and/or sluts

derived from the Original Slut Bella Swan from twilight.
Stupid Bellas these days i swear,,they think they are still wanted but sweetie aint nobody want your fishy vag anymore(:

girl 1:oh my god look at the girl she's such a freaking bella she just kissed that guy then told the other one she loved him more.

girl 2: ugh stupid bella.
by ashford(; July 29, 2010
Meaning beautiful,in italian.
The main character of Twilight.
or the scene kid bella.
Bella and edward.
Tu es bella
by _rawrrrforever May 22, 2009
The main character of a book called Twilight. She falls in love a vampire named Edward and has to face werewolves, the Volturi, and regular high school drama. This four-book series is a favorite of many teens around the nation
I love this book! Bella is so lucky to have Edward!
by John Green <3 March 14, 2009

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