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An amazing, fantastical gurl who luvs unicorns
and glitter!!!!!!! She is so pretty and nice
and will light up your world like no one else;)
Gurl: OMG did you see that girls shirt!! It's so gorgeous, glittery and pink!!!!! And it has a fucking unicorn on it!!!!!!

Girl: IKR GURRRRRLLLLLLLLL!!!It's just sooo... Bella!
by 🎀Belz🎀 March 02, 2013
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Bella mean's Penis in Tamil Language
aiyo un bella theriyuthu - omg, you are showing your penis
by Heisen March 29, 2011
13 9
Its the character of a book name Twilight, that is clumsy enough to be a "Trouble magnet" and falls in love with a vampire called Edward
I can’t imagine how awful that must feel. Being normal? Ugh.
Bella Swan
by Cintillo February 08, 2009
47 44
Bella is the most beautiful girl you will ever come by. She will amaze you with her sense of humor and her ability to brighten your day with a click of a button. She looks like an angel who has come down to earth and no girl could ever compare with her. Bella is also a girl with many flaws. She may seem perfect when you first meet her but you soon realize her little quirks and imperfections which make you love her 100x more. If you are a boy like me and have had the blessing to have a Bella in his life. DO NOT LET HER GO you will strongly regret it if you do.
I have a Bella in my life and I love her so much <3 you are the girl of my dreams Bella
by _lol_ June 23, 2014
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A huge hoebag who is very annoying and selfcentered at times. A huge flirt who says she isnt but really is. Mostly big booty hoes. Sometimes pretty and photogenic. Kind of a nerd because shes smart and a huge loser who is good at sports. Can injure themsleves very easily and has the sexiest friends u will ever meet exspecially boggy and lots of guys like her. But overall kurry is better
Kurry is sexy and bella is not
by I dont know what that means March 14, 2014
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A being of trolling, stealing, and laughing. A passion for xbox and a passion to get grounded. A passion to be lazy yet productive and be on youtube. A true american.
Oh, you think your an american? Bet you are a Bella.
by AwesomeIndian12 September 09, 2013
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Daughter of Saphra Hayes

Sister of Roxie

Born on 9 August 2009
Bellas so beautiful

I love Bella

My little cherub
Aka Sugarplum fairy x
by .x.x.x.s.x.x.x. March 25, 2013
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