The most beautiful girl you will ever meet. A Bella is trustworthy and oh so nice. Bella always have a nice ass and big boobs.
"Who's the chick with the ass?"
"Oh that's Bella, she got an insane rack too."
by Xoxobc May 04, 2013
The most beautiful girl you will ever see, she stands out by far among others. She has a amazing voice, and is a outstanding actress, and a amazing dancer. She always laughs, and her laugh is incredible. She is a amazing volleyball server. <3
Bella is perfect
by Blackjack mutha fucka February 22, 2013
The best dog ever. She is my most favorite dog ever and one of my best friends. She is so cuddly and sweet. I love her to death and I hope that she doesnt stay sick for much longer.
I love my dog, bella.
I wish bella would get better and not be sick for much longer.
by i love bella February 26, 2009
The most beautiful girl you will ever see. The moment you lay eyes on her, she is permenently engraved in your mind. She is not only beautiful, but she has the most wonderful personality. After you meet her, you can't stop talking to her! She is perfect in every way! She is the girlfriend you always wanted. Bella's boyfriend is considered the luckiest man on earth! She has hundreds of guys head over heels for her. Bella is simply the most attractive girl ever seen! If you know a Bella, be lucky to know such an amazing, special girl as Bella
Guy: Wow! That girl is smokin! She must be a bella
by Caligurl4lyfe February 12, 2015
Bella is a very shy girl that has a lot to live for but never wants to be the center of attention. She finds herself very ugly but knows deep down that she's pretty. Her friends call her beautiful, though she refuses to believe them. Bella is very smart and doesn't worry about her future. When she gets the chance, she'll express herself to anyone she trusts. Bella doesn't trust a lot of people, so you're lucky if you gain her trust. She devotes her heart and soul to whatever she is a part of. She works to be the best she can and she never gives up on the things she does. She never gives up on people but once she gets an influence of what type of person someone is, she'll find a part of her to either dislike them, or try to be friends with them. She always tries to get along with people at the beginning. Bella can walk into a room and automatically know the populars from the not so popular. Bella is the type of girl that gets hurt easily, whether its love, or friendship. But she always finds away to get back up again, and make herself stronger.But without the shyness and hiding in a corner part of her, Bella is the type of person ready to stand up to anyone who is rude to her friends. She will stand up to snotty populars, or the rude jocks. She's ready to have fun and party.In all, Bella is fun, loving, and shy person, that you would be lucky to know and lucky to have her by your side.
Dylan: Hey, dude, did you hear what happened yesterday?
Zach: The thing with Bella? Yeah I heard.
Dylan: I can't believe someone would actually fake being her boyfriend!
Zach: Yeah, if I had her, I would let no one hurt her.
by bish, whet? January 04, 2015
its means beautiful for BOTH SPANISH AND that person is wrong!!! but u pronounce them differently in italian and spanish...duh!!! ...dummy smacks!
Eres muy bella (beyya) <<---spanish
*i dont no italian so forget it* <<---italian
by Preppyb0ii March 02, 2007
A beautiful girl, boy magnet and sexy chicken. Bella is sweet natured, intelligent and super cool! She's also really artistic and altogether an all-rounder. She is also really musical!
Boy one: 'Dude, I heard Bella broke up with her boyfriend.'
Boy two: 'You mean she's single?'
Rest of the boys: *run to find Bella to ask her out*
by DictionaryQueen September 28, 2015
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