n. A very fun, crazy girl. Usually very pretty. If you know what I am sayin'.
Bellas humor is so magnetic, I want to be around her all the time.

Bella is hilarious. We have so many inside jokes, like pew, pew, pew.
#bella #corryn #kinky #hilarious #pew #pretty #funny
by Corrynella November 01, 2012
A stunning girl, someone who, when she walks in the room, captivates everyone with her every move and word. A Bella will have dozens of boys after her and always be receiving male attention, not to mention girls wanting to BE her or just so much as be friends with her. Usually with dark mesmerising eyes and brown hair that she styles to perfection. No matter what this girl does she is continuously adored by everyone she comes into contact with. Not only does a Bella radiate on the outside but she has an absolutely loveable personality that can make anyone fall in love with her instantly. She is very compassionate and loving and will go out of her way to make sure everyone is happy.
"Wow did you see Bella today? Now that's someone worth looking at!"
#girl #gorgeous #pretty #nice #smart
by somebodyelse11 August 15, 2014
1. Italian for "beautiful".
2. Informal greeting born in Italy in the early 90s among young people. Rapper Yared, inventor of "bolo slang", claims that bella is a term of him and his crew's.
-"oh bella zio!"
-"bella pe' te!" (b. for you)
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by Looka January 20, 2011
Accident Prone to things
You are such a bella.
#hurt #danger #beware #balla #belly
by gianna volturri May 30, 2008
the most beautiful girl alive. Usually of a mixed race, Bella is simply perfect. Many seem to think of her as a sex bomb. which is so very true. SHE COULD BE A MODEL. wow.
person 1:"shiit did you see Bella, she's gorgeous."
person 2: daaamn.
#gorgeous #mixed #beautiful #perfect #model
by angelinaballerina February 28, 2013
Bella's are beautiful although they try to deny it, even their name means beautiful in Italian. Bella's are very shy when you first meet them but once they feel comfortable with you they will become a totally different person outgoing and daring. She knows your deal right when she looks at you although she won't say it she knows when she's being lied to. Bella's can be quite secretive but that gives her this unique mysterious aditude that keeps you interested. But if Bella knows she can trust you she will be an open book. Bellas are bery weird and unique they dont fall for guys easily at all,Bellas have high standards. Bellas are usually the most mature one of a kind girl out of their friends. Bellas are very artistic and love drawing. Bellas also love to write and are excelent singers. over all Bella's are beautiful on the inside out they are very down to earth and caring girls.
Guy #1: I'm inlove with Bella she's different than anyother girl I've ever met.

Guy#2: you should tell her how you feel

Guy#1: I want to but she's been my best friend since we were 5
#beautiful #down to earth #outgoing #daring #shy jacob #edward #unique #bohiemian #surfer
by B26 January 27, 2015
The most beautiful girl you will ever meet. A Bella is trustworthy and oh so nice. Bella always have a nice ass and big boobs.
"Who's the chick with the ass?"
"Oh that's Bella, she got an insane rack too."
#bella #isabella #italian #girl #hot
by Xoxobc May 04, 2013
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