The most wonderful friend I have ever met. She is truly a beautiful person, inside and out. I am positively honored to know her at all, and even more so to be her best friend. I really want her to find true happiness, and I would support her through any choices she makes. I love her death and I can't wait to see what she will do with her life. B is for the booty that she doth have. E is for the education she's given me about life. L is for the life she will live, and how beautifully she'll live it. L is for the love she's given me and how supportive she has been to me in the past year. A is for the amazing woman she will become, and for being an Amazon compared to my five foot one self. I really love this child to death. She has helped me through one of the hardest times of my life, and I will most certainly help her through any troubles this world throws at her. I could write so much more about her, but it would be a trilogy of teen novels by the time I'm done. I love you, my Zombie Barbie, Isabella Angelica Dorfman <3
Me: is that a gay pride cupcake?
Bella: Happy Birthday Cailin!
by fabasfuck November 01, 2013
The sweetest bitch you'll ever meet
Dayummm, that chick Bella is sweeeet!
by Slothmannn May 21, 2013
the most beautiful girl alive. Usually of a mixed race, Bella is simply perfect. Many seem to think of her as a sex bomb. which is so very true. SHE COULD BE A MODEL. wow.
person 1:"shiit did you see Bella, she's gorgeous."
person 2: daaamn.
by angelinaballerina February 28, 2013
The most beautiful girl you will ever meet. A Bella is trustworthy and oh so nice. Bella always have a nice ass and big boobs.
"Who's the chick with the ass?"
"Oh that's Bella, she got an insane rack too."
by Xoxobc May 04, 2013
n. A very fun, crazy girl. Usually very pretty. If you know what I am sayin'.
Bellas humor is so magnetic, I want to be around her all the time.

Bella is hilarious. We have so many inside jokes, like pew, pew, pew.
by Corrynella November 01, 2012
The best dog ever. She is my most favorite dog ever and one of my best friends. She is so cuddly and sweet. I love her to death and I hope that she doesnt stay sick for much longer.
I love my dog, bella.
I wish bella would get better and not be sick for much longer.
by i love bella February 26, 2009
its means beautiful for BOTH SPANISH AND that person is wrong!!! but u pronounce them differently in italian and spanish...duh!!! ...dummy smacks!
Eres muy bella (beyya) <<---spanish
*i dont no italian so forget it* <<---italian
by Preppyb0ii March 02, 2007

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