The main character of the Twilight series. written as exceptionally clumsy with unbelievable bad luck. described to be very beautiful yet highly insecure.

She moves from Phoenix, AZ to Forks WA to live with her father. upon settling in the most sunless peninsula in the United States she meets and falls madly in love with Edward Cullen who is a vampire.

Her incredible bad luck and "mouthwatering sent" attract Edward Cullen thus resulting in a complicated and obsessive relationship.

Through Breaking Dawn, she marries Edward and becomes Bella Cullen.
God i wish i was Bella Swan, shes got beauty and Edward!

Dont trip and pull a Bella Swan.
by TrinityLife September 15, 2008
Possibly one of the worst written, most irritating characters in modern literature.
Bella is a whiny, two-faced idiot, with a severe vampire complex.
I don't understand how Stephenie Meyer managed to get a degree. I really don't.
Teenage girls that like vampires should not be allowed to read. That way, shitty vampire novels about Bella Swan and Edward Cullen would keep out of our bookstores.
by Mo'suckra June 08, 2011
A co-dependent whore who can't think about anything but sex. Becomes suicidal if her gay sparkly boyfriend dumps her. A lot a people consider her a bitch. This is true but she is also a slut!
That girl is so easy, she is such a whore." ... "I wonder if she is related to Bella Swan?
by AlphaWolfMika January 26, 2011
A young Mary-sue who is a total klutz that even if she did die in the first book you wouldn’t be surprised.
She practically lives of Edwards hair, breath, nose, mouth, eyes, sparklieness, stupidity and anything else that turns her on slightly. She has no problem with Edward her fairy oh shit I mean vampire, coming into her bedroom each night and watching her sleep. He probably jacks off as well while doing it. In the very last book she is impregnated by Edward and is newly ‘gifted’ with a half human half vampire daughter named Renesme. She prances around as a vampire after giving birth to her newly freak of a daughter who will hook up with Bella’s BFF Jacob Black who weirdly enough is a werewolf who has a conflict with Edward.
Twihard 1: OME!!! bella swan does NOT deserve Edward! I do!!!!

Twihard 2: OMJ!!! I totally agree! Ungrateful Skank! I deserve Jacob and his hot abs!

*Twihards high five*
by vjhjcfldfhgkfbjglsdf March 16, 2010
Isabella Swan, nicknamed Bella, is an ordinary girl when she moves to the dreary town of Forks. Leaving behind the warm sun of Arizona, her crazy lovable mother, and her new stepfather to live with her father, Charlie, Bella just wishes to be left alone. Although Bella doesn't see it she is a striking young woman and the boys in her school immediatly notice. With her mezmorizing brown eyes, pale skin, and chocolate colored hair Bella recieves the attention she was hoping to avoid. Now living in a new town with many admirers and her quiet father Bella meets a boy that is unlike any that she has met before. When Bella meets the dark, gorgeous, and mysterious Edward Cullen she is taken back by the hatred in those black eyes that stare back at her. Bella puzzles over why Edward hates her so much and when Edward comes back to school after days of absence a new puzzlement begins in her head. Why is he friendly today? Why are his eyes now butterscotch? Why is he so breathtaking? Why do I feel the need to find the secret he hides? Diving in to all her questions Bella sees who the real Edward Cullen is. He is not only protective, kind, and a remarkable talented person, he is also a vampire. Bella falls head over heels with this vampire and he does the same with her. Bella carries trouble wherever she goes and is always thinking about her beloved vampire. All in all Bella Swan is a beautiful, observant, and kind human who gets the fairy tale she never expected to get in Forks, Washington.
Student 1: Hey did you see that new girl, Bella Swan?

Student 2: Yeah she's beautiful think she'll go out with me?
by This is how i do April 28, 2009
the luckiest girl in existence. (even if she does exist in a book)
me: I love Bella! She's so brave! AND Bella gets to marry Edward, become a vampire, and have a happy life.

friend: can I change my name to Bella Swan?
by Edwardluv4evaandEVA April 15, 2009
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