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American congressperson and a socio-political activist.
She became an attorney in the 40's when very few women did so, and worked on civil rights cases in the south.

She once represented a black man named Willie Mcgee. He was convicted of raping a white woman by a all-white-jury, and sentenced to death. She was pregnant at the time. Once she had to stay a night in a public restroom to hide from KKK in the south. She miscarried.

She is also a feminist and one of the founders of National Women's Political Caucus.

She also supports gay rights.

She is a true role model and a hero for everyone, not just women, not just Jews and minorities.
A: Name one brave, intelligent and historically significant, yet underrated and under-known person.

B: Bella Abzug
by Sophie J. December 14, 2010
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