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One who is a true belieber; possibly extends to those who just want to belieb. Those who do Don't stop beliebing.
Priest: So are you a true belieber that this young man is the next Savior of all mankind... or is he just a stupid little douchebag?

Mulder: Let's just say... I want to belieb.
by awheyellnaw January 19, 2011
someone who is a fan of justin bieber, and who also beliebs that haters need to let him just have some fun with fame
i'm a total belieber! i don't belieb it's right for people to hate him, he's only 16, just let him have some fun...
Fans of Justin Bieber, the amazing singer.

People who believe in Justin Bieber,
Belieb = Believe in the Bieb :)
OMB, I love Justin Bieber, I'm a huge Belieber !
by BieberLover <3 June 26, 2010
A belieber is a justin bieber believer.We believe that he has talent.They love him aloot.Yes more then half of them are on twitter but they help justin and his caree and anyone gets in the way or makes a rude comment they yell at them because thats the right thing.No they are obsessed but yeah they love him so screw you if your not a beliebers.Hatter
Ahhh i love justinbieber because im a belieber
by kayla rae baby August 28, 2010
The young 10 year old girls who support Justin Bieber.
Hannah- I HATE Beliebers Justin Beaver is so annoying.

10 year old girls- OMG Justin Marry me!
by Carnaviabitchslappedyou March 05, 2012