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1. A die hard fan of Justin Bieber.
2. A hypocrite
BiebersGaahl: Beliebers love haters! lololol!
Normalkid415: I don't really like Justin Bieber's songs.
BiebersGaahl: OMG! You fucken haterrr! Die!!!!
Normalkid415: WTF?
by Normalkid415 December 12, 2012
1. A Person who worships Justin Bieber.
2. A Person who is obsessed with Justin Bieber.
3. A Hypocrite.
4. A Person with a very low IQ.

5. A Very annoying freak.
6. A Person who is infected with a deadly disease called "Bieber Fever".
7. An Idol Worshiper.
Belieber: Stop hating.
Disbelieber: Don't tell me what to do.
Belieber: No. You are going to stop hating.
Disbelieber: You will never get me to stop hating.

Belieber: Selena, I hate you. Go to Hell.
Disbelieber: You just told me to stop hating and yet, you go on hating others. You are such a Hypocrite.
by Bieber Hater 009023748 September 28, 2013
A mental illness that usually begins around age 10-13 and will usually go away by age 21. It is the only mental illness that is contagious and seems to occur frequently in people who have severe hearing loss, are gay or are pedophiles. There has been some success in curing disease by exposing infected individuals to music and other art forms that are of some actual value, quality, and talent. Another effective but very controversial treatment is truth therapy where the infected individual is let in on the secret that Bieber is actually a female cat that was involved in a severe accident during secret testing at area 51.
It is so sad watching this Belieber disease destroy the youth... it's worse than polio, aids or even Leo Sayer.
by saharadryhumor March 14, 2014
"I got that Justin Bieber, please believe it."
the real definition of "belieber" - see homosexual
by don_95 May 06, 2013
A Dedicated fan of an amazing creature named Justin Bieber. They have a room full of his posters and are NOT little 12 year old girls who scream all the time. Beliebers are the biggest fan base, making up 34%of the world's population and 95%of twitter. They are so amazing they are in the dictionary and have their own Wikipedia page.
Fan: I luv Justin Beiber so much!!!!111!!!
Belieber: I love Kidrauhl.
Fan: Who??
Belieber: GTFO.
by Jus10Beebur December 29, 2012
A Belieber is someone who believes in, supports, and loves the pop star Justin Bieber, 19, from Canada. Beliebers are the biggest fanbase, taking up over 34% of the Earth's population.
"I love all of #MyBeliebers. What we got here is real. You can't deny that." - Justin Bieber, via twitter
by califxrnia September 13, 2013
Huge fan of faggot Justin Bieber who had sex change long time ago.

Girls who drools over Justin Beaver and wanna have sex, in short hoes.
Girl: I'm a belieber

Boy: You mean you're not fresh anymore? You ain't virgin!! Waaaaaaaah
by yohohohoho September 23, 2011