a girl or boy who are obbsesed with the super sensation star Justin Bieber they know where and when he was born they know almost everything about him
look at all those beliebers
by mrsbieber4ever March 05, 2013
A person (usually a girl) who is totally in love with Justin Bieber and who realize that he is truly the hottest and sexiest person on this entire earth. This person usually can answer any question you have about Justin Bieber
OMG did you see that girl? she listed every fact about Justin Bieber known to man. She must be a total belieber
by beckylb9 December 06, 2011
belieber is a person who loves justin bieber and hate one direction and directioners because they're jealous that 1d is more talented
belieber:i hate 1d bc the won 3 vmas
Directioners are rude
by negi December 23, 2012
Be·lie·ber ; noun -

A person who participates in the act of believing and supporting Justin Bieber for everything he has to stand for. There are millions of Beliebers around the world and they form a family. They are the loyalist of all fans and will do anything for their hero and inspiration; Justin Drew Bieber.
When you belieb and love Justin Bieber you become more than just a fan, it puts you at a whole new level: a Belieber.
by Dani Marshall May 22, 2011
a belieber is a dedicated fan of Justin Bieber.
they will love and support him no matter what.
A true belieber is there for Justin through everything and will never stop loving him.
there are fan girls, don't confuse them with beliebers.

Beliebers seem obsessive but that is because they care for Justin Bieber so much.
i believe in Justin Bieber, i'm a BELIEBER.
by True Belieber May 22, 2011
1) a person who believes in Justin Bieber and everything he does. 2) somebody who loves Justin Bieber and will always support him as a singer, musician, person, and inspiration. 3) some one who knows everything there is to know about Justin Bieber. 4) somebody who can bring up Justin Bieber in every sentence without realizing it and talk about him for hours. 5) a fan of Justin Bieber who who likes everything about him and when people find a reason to make fun of him, a Belieber will come back with a reason to love him♥
I'm a belieber!!!
by scw1997 August 31, 2010
A Belieber is someone who will always be there for Justin Bieber. Through thick and thin. They support Justin till the day they die. They use common words such as "BieberBlast" to get Justin's music to the number 1 charts. Beliebers love Justin. They respect him and admire him in many ways possible that its hard to imagine. They stand up for him against haters and will always defend him.
Me: I just saw a swan....It's a belieber thing.
by (@BHBPhoenix) October 12, 2011
One who beliebs in Justin Drew Bieber
I only follow true Beliebers on Twitter because they support him and belieb in him just like me.
Justin Bieber Justin Bieber Belieber Beliebers
by JBiebz_number1_shawty_and_fan August 09, 2011
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