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When you have so much diarrhea that the toilet bowl fills up and the tip of your penis dips into the crap (usually by accident), so it has a nice even coat of shit on it when you pull it out.
Employee 1: "I felt like shitting all day long, but somehow held it... and when I finally shitted, I nearly flooded the toilet in milkshake consistency shit"

Employee 2: "Oh damn, did your junk touch your shit?"

Employee 1: "Yeah dude, I gave myself a Belgium dip!"
by Johnny Garbage April 08, 2008
after sex or recieving head, blow your load on the floor, then take your partner, tip them upside-down and dip their head in your jism
when i went to her house last night and saw she had woodenfloors, i had to give her the belgium dip
by Tyman March 26, 2008
(1) When a man/woman sticks his/her nose in another woman's pussy to sexually pleasure her.
(2) When a man puts his nose in a cream pie.
Sally said that Bob was gonig to give her a Belgium dip, after their coffee and cream pie.
by Fuck Angel August 18, 2010
When you bob for apples with a tea filled bucket with cum filled balloons floating around
Brian Wallace had a Belgium Dip party but he was the only kid who showed up
by Michael Wahl March 08, 2005