A place in Northern Ireland(a territory of the U.K.)Where may dad got a job.
Dad sent me a T-shirt that says Belfast,Northern Ireland.
by Light Joker June 13, 2004
the most wonderful place on earth, where segregation is still the norm. best town in ireland. there are no pretences here no joking like americans and canada we really do hate each other and its fuckin great i love it. we dont mix in sport or school or socially. we dont marry them'ens and have none as friends. belfast is not some hip happenin place it is a shit hole. anybody who wants peace in belfast and for us to mix is a drug demented hippy. but dont come here and see for yourself we really dont want you here. bad points immigration is sky high so is personal crime and drug use
belfast says fuck ye all
by da origanal playa May 18, 2006
The least popular place in the entire island of Ireland, if tourism is anything to go by. Most people tend to stay clear and go for a nice wee break south of the border in Dublin's fair city instead, safe in the knowledge that now they won't be kneecapped by a bunch of retards.
Husband: Honey, lets go to Belfast at the weekend
Wife: Fuck off knob jockey, we're going to Dublin, I don't fancy getting petrol bombed
by Rian August 14, 2005
it is a as bad as everyone says, probably worse actually but we love it it KICKS ASS!!!!!!!
we live near 1 of the aformentioned police stations!! yey!! FALLS ROAD ROX
by karen and aoife August 16, 2005

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