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capital of northern ireland, full of people who wanna kill each other because theyre different religions, but it rocks, come and see the murals
up the shnakill down the falls, loadsa murals on the walls, A B C D E F G b****** to the RUC
by annon July 13, 2004
the second city of ireland behind dublin and capital of ulster (an irish provence consisting of 9 countys). located in antrim (one of the none countys).
belfast is irelands second city
by toxication January 07, 2009
Da Best Wee City in Northern ireland =) apart from the clashes with the huns ( protestants ) and catholics..a palce to hav gd craic and hopefully get the british out so we can be peacefull !!
Belfast tha best City goiin
by Taig 4 Lifee August 31, 2008
Capital city of Northern Ireland found in Antrim with parts poking into Down.

Full of rough-looking people who are nosy, violent and stare at anything they don't like the looks of.

Violence is seen on every street corner on a Friday/Saturday night, generally carried out by alcoholic teenagers who want to beat an innocent person to a pulp for a few laughs.

Almost 90% of the city is made up of millies. See millies

Also has a high amount of alternative people, generally classed "hippies" by the ignorant. They get drunk in the city centre in huge crowds but are soon dispersed by a few rouhg-looking millbags with rough voices. Most "hippies" are annoying who compete for status of the "scene" and use violence to get it. Is littered with pre-teenage, over-eccentric bisexuals.

Most of the individuals in the city are paranoid due to the amount of sectarian violence that goes on. Catholics fear for their lives in Protestant areas and vice versa.

A lot of the inhabitants enjoy laughing at another's expense and making them feel a lot worse just for "a laugh".

Chewing gum takes up 90% of the pavement.
Shops are woefully stocked with restricted amounts of fashionable clothing.
Dirt and grime are riddled on every street within the city.
Burning cars, murals and Union Jacks adorn most "suburban" districts.

Overall rating as a city - "S" for "SHIT!!"
"I hate Belfast with a burning passion!!"
by Ciarán Gibson July 16, 2006
Place where you have to walk 10 miles to get water.. Worse then Africa!!!
Smelly pits and smelly feet, yeah i haven't washed for week :(

Belfast now changing its name to Smellfast
by the very real anonymous December 31, 2010
A huge puss filled boil on the asshole of the world.
"I'd rather kill myself than live in Belfast!"
by achbishop desmond tutu August 05, 2008
A place in Northern Ireland(a territory of the U.K.)Where may dad got a job.
Dad sent me a T-shirt that says Belfast,Northern Ireland.
by Light Joker June 13, 2004