Bel Air could be best described as one huge melting pot which is filled with people who think their better than everyone else. The teenage community is basically split into two groups, those who do drugs, and those who don't (atleast not yet). Walking into the high school is like taking a step into a disgruntled "happy days" episode, you've got your Arthur Fonzarellis (jocks), your Mr. Cs, i.e teachers (Reddish, Taylor, Marcin), and you have your Richies (book worms) but in all seriousness... all of them will probably turn up to be ragiing alcaholics. Most of the potheads spend their time on Jericho Rd. so they are normally are out of the way... you have your Bel Air High football team who think their soo much better than everyone else but in reality their mouths are bigger than their balls. And you have your insanley annoying wegros who swear they're in the bloods or crips... Last but not least you have CBS, whom can either be your best friend or worst enemy, either way they're still bigger than you.
Someone put a Glory Hole in the McDonalds bathroom, PLEASE!
by Fuck you, pay me April 16, 2005
An area in which everyone is jealous of people from Fallston.
Bel Air guy: Dude what was the lacrosse score?
Fallston Guy: 33-0 Fallston
Bel Air guy: i wish i lived there.
by Poor Bel AIr October 26, 2008
Birthplace of John Wilkes Booth, assassin of the Nation's greatest president, Abraham Lincoln.
See also white trash,racist,redneck,retard,conservative,and evil.
Bel Air is home to thousands of racist upper middle class White Americans.
If it wasn't for the towns that exist south of I-95, I would support the nuclear destruction of Harford County thanks to Bel Air.
by cjjjjj February 16, 2009
A town of backroads and cowfields. Place where you can always get tree, and go on long burn runs down thomas run, kalmia, whitehouse and every other back road in harford county. Town with the worst mall, shitty bars, and nothing to do but go for rides.
Only place where you can leave from downtown bel air on a burn ride and end up on I-83 towards PA!!! Gotta love the tree.
by Evanna Hitabubbla March 15, 2005
Bel Air is full of posers. Who would have thought people would be wearing pearls and trying to be like inner city kids. Who would have guessed all the farmland in the area would turn into vast houses and kids flaunting their parents money. People here think they are the shit and stick their nose up so high they could get a nose bleed. There is four kinds of groups, your a stoner, a wannabe thug, a douche bag, or you could be chill with everyone. Fights break out every winter, "Winter Beef." Watch your back around Bel Air, people talk shit like they have 50 tongues and two faces to go with it. It looks like a nice town, but your highly decieved by this. Your not in unless you have lived here your whole life, otherwise you become an outcast or everyone hates you. Full of judgemental people, i'd run if i were you.
with me its like you hate me or love me, there is no in between.

yeah if u ask people about me they always say yeah shes chill.

thats becaue you smoke a shitload of pot!!
by Samantha Petty March 15, 2005
Bel Air is a place where half the kids think they're cool and talk about it. They try to impress everybody, and at a party they drink a couple of beers and get hammered, and smoke no weed. Another huge portion is huge losers who do absolutely nothing with their lives. However, if you find the right place, you will encounter constant blunt smoking, many games of beer pong, and hot bitches who DON'T give it up that easy unless you've got those skills. CBS
"Dude, let's go blaze an L."
by The Right One April 11, 2005
Or Blair as Bmorians like to call it. A place, located in the middle of no where but the people think they run the world, full of rich families and their rich kids who all drive convertables. The Harford mall is the hang-out spot(that no one seems to remember pre-GAP) for the mall rats in middle school. When you hit high school, this can be upgraded to the Plaza, aka the parking lot between McD's and Superfresh. This usually doesnt last long, until you are all kicked out to Wawa down the street. There is nothing to do in this town, except smoke pot and have sex. Harford county is the number 2 county in the nation for growing pot, and its not a suprise. There is some kid everyother house who gorws pot either hiding it from their parents, or smoking it with them.
Next time you come to Bel Air, knock on a random door to score some home grown weed(if they don't, try the next door) and bang their mom. It's ok, you are in Bel Air.
Will Millete Will Millete Will Millete Will Millete
by jon doe March 02, 2005

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