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bekam an old english word meaning a retarded, useless and weak farm animal. This word was later given to people who were fantastically thick and incapable of stringing 3 words together in a sentance without getting a severe headache

a cabbage

a moron

a shallow and self important idiot with nothing whatsoever to say.

a person who works in advertising but thinks he is a footballer

a complete shit who's in need of a major slapping

someone married to a hideous creature
as thick as two short Bekams

i sat my 'O' level home economics and failed, i felt like a right bekam.

it's been shown that people who watch 'reality' tv are invariably bekams.

when George Bush opens his mouth he sounds like a bekam

my brother was in a car crash and suffered severe head injuries and now he sits around all day watching Trisha like a right bekam

as daft as a bekam
by scotsman2004 April 30, 2004
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