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One who is constantly striving to turn everything around him/her lukewarm and mediocre. The kind of person who'll suck the life out of all meaningful art, attempt to censor anything they deem offensive or too edgy, water down any sort of strong arguments with weasel words & steer any political discussion towards the middle, and constantly strive for 'consensus' as they make the world 'user friendly' and 'safe for kids'. In fact, most formerly interesting people became Beigeists after having children.

Derived from Beige, the color (along with 'Off-White') that most of these twatwafflers usually paint every surface in their homes.

(Possibly) coined by John Dolan, author of Pleasant Hell.
"If that Beigeist motherfucker edits my film from an 'R' to a 'PG13' rating I'm going to pound his skull into aquarium gravel"
by Azubah December 10, 2006
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