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Approximately the mid section of a beez legs. The joint that connects the beez thigh to the beez calf.
Person # 1: Did you see that poor little bee crash and burn over there?
Person # 2: Yeah I think he got rug burns on his beez neez.
by bo_tothex_finger_bang March 27, 2009
32 48
When something is so awesome that normal nerdography can't describe it. It's so fire that it's not just Beez, it's straight Beez Neez.
Person 1: Did you see my new level 50 horse armour?
Jerome: OMFG! That's the Beez Neez!!!
by SeWOLF and RockST3R January 16, 2008
176 52
top of the line; of highest quality. sweet ass shit.
Damn this town sure aint the beez neez.

the hooKa was the beez neez in my pants.
by Billybob Joe Jenkins March 28, 2009
30 30
a term coined by Bethala and Chelsala used to one-up the word beez.
Chelsala: "beez"
Bethala: "beez neez"
by bethala/chelsala December 06, 2006
9 55