To be untouchable; when you are getting paid hundreds and no one can amount to your level. Literal term to be the baddest bi*** in the trap house (crack house). Also the name of Nicki Minaj's hit single "Beez in the Trap" ft. 2 Chains, where she explains to everyone out there that she is the baddest "beez" in the game.
Bitches ain't shit and they ain't sayin nothin. A hundred muthafukkas can't tell me nothin, I beez in the trap.
by iiiiiirotttt8 April 07, 2012
Top Definition
Nothing. This phrase means absolutely nothing at all.

(It comes from a Nikki Minaj song.)
Nikki Minaj: A hundred motherf***ers can't tell me nothing, beez in the trap b-beez in the trap.

Chuck Testa:
Russel Peters:
Me: ok.
by nanoring June 26, 2012
A song by Nicki Minaj in which she talks about a potentially new STD that she may or may not have spawned.
Yo, did you hear Nicki's got Beez in the trap? That's so sad, I hear there is no cure.
by dnthvebzntrp May 07, 2012
The act of applying Burt's Bees chapstick to the lids of one's eyes. The resulting effect produces a cool, stinging sensation, which feels great on the eyeballs, but produces a deep burn on the eye-lids. Beezers are often underground about their craft and will kill a snitch.
Yo dog let's go beez.
I'm beezed out of my fucking mind right now, man.
Let's go beez in the trap! Nicki Minaj ain't got shit on this.

I'm beezing so hard.
Dude, you got the beez?
Hide the beez!

Don't forget to bring the beez!
by MasterOfBeez April 30, 2012
Originating from the Nikki Minaj song Beez in the Trap. The word "I" in this song is commonly missed, making the meaning of this song lyric confusing.

Song Verse: A hundred motherf***ers can't tell me nothing, I beez in the trap, b-beez in the trap.

A trap is a slang term used most commonly amongst the hip-hop/gangster rap community. Meaning an area where drug deals are carried out.
Trap music is also a sub genre of southern rap music, commonly referencing drug dealing.

Nikki Minaj is saying that "she beez in the trap." Either she is saying that she's kicking it in a drug distribution area or merely referencing perhaps being in the trap music genre.
"I beez in the trap, collecting substantial currency by selling copious amounts of illicit substances."
by foogoofoo March 20, 2013
(verb) When someone puts honey on another person's anus, then tosses their salad while "buzzing" like a bee.
Guy 1: Bro your mom likes to beez in the trap

Guy 2: Fuck you dude, nobody does that except for Nicki Minaj.

Guy 1: Bro there's still honey on my asshole.

Guy 2's Mom: I must have missed a spot. I'll be right there

Guy 1: Mom WTF?! Dude I'm gonna kick your ass!
by TheUDking April 28, 2012
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