its when you gots a big buttm and rap dope slayer faST

if your the beesknees your unreal
by fresh willi May 22, 2012
Where you get your money. You Beez in the trap. Used as slang or if you are Nicki Minaj. She beez in the trap, I beez in the trap, We beez in the trap. Can be used when someone needs to sitdown because they acting Ratchet.
I work at stop&stop everyday. I beez in the trap errday.
Working makes me tired. Beezing in the trap is hard, pauz.
I have a high income. I Beez in the trap.
by DrizzyDrew April 28, 2012
You are where your money is or where you are getting your money.
So glad Friday is pay day, cuz then I beez in the trap!
by GabrielCash April 25, 2012
the worst song in history
"yo have you heard nikki's new single?"
"yeah it went blew it like i needed gas money"
"just like that song beez in the trap"
by derpanator2012istheendpepare! April 26, 2012
(1) like the bees buzzing in a bee hive, you cant hear anything. so when people talk shit, you dont hear what they say

(2) Shit that came out of nicki minaj's ass
this trick was talking smack, but i was like "Beez in the Trap", beez beez in the trap
by Ameej April 23, 2012
Money in the bank
Bro 1: Yo where you been?
Bro 2: I just put some beez in the trap, man.
by essgsag April 10, 2012
"Beez" is actually an incorrect conjugation of the verb "to be". When Nikki Minaj sings "I beez in the trap," what she really means to say is "I am in the trap".
Bitches ain't shit, and they ain't sayin' nuthin'
A hundred muthafuckas can't tell me nuthin'
I beez in the trap, bee, beez in the trap
I beez in the trap, bee, beez in the trap
by o0lemonlime0o January 03, 2015

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