1. Recieving something extra than what was requested, particularly if it is counter-intuitively pleasurable. For example, asking for one day off from work and getting the whole weekend.

2. Can be used to quantify something you don't want others to know about- often drugs or money you have conned out of people.
1. "Yeah, my boss gave me the whole weekend off, and I was worried I would have no cash but I found a wad on the street outside- thats some bees in the soup."

2. "Hey Rick, I got three dead bees in the soup."
by Mc Mockingbird Killah April 09, 2003
Top Definition
A gay definition that no one has heard of or will ever use.
Person1 "What the hell kind of definition is that??"
Person2 "I don't know, must be a B.I.T.S."
by kthx April 09, 2003
People/things that just get in your way or cause trouble instead of actually serving a purpose in life.
A textbook for a gym class is just a bee in the soup...
by Shawn B. June 04, 2003
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