Any type of cereal using beer instead of milk to wet your whistle. Works well with Captain Crunch, Lucky Charms and Honey Smacks. Beer of choice = Heineken
Dude thanks for the Beereal this morning.

Anytime, its the perfect mix between breakfast and friday night. "Smiles, with thumbs up"
by Fast Eddie MMM December 24, 2008
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a) n. Any form of breakfast cereal (preferably with marshmallows) with beer being substituted for the milk.

b) n. Nickname for Wayne as a direct result of previous definition
I had beereal and toast for breakfast
by Ender November 04, 2003
A bowl of cereal which uses beer as a lubricating agent instead of the standard, milk.
Oh man, I am so hung over.
It's cool bro, just have some beereal.
Wow, I really did not think that would fix my hangover, but it did!
*pounds fist*
by M.C. Fresher April 24, 2008
One whom has not the milk to fill one's bowl of cereal, thusly substituting beer instead.
Dude 1 : "Man, I'm freaking drunk. And hungry! I'm gonna have some cereal!"

Dude 2 : "... But dude... We're outta milk!"

Dude 1 : "Ah shit dude... WELL... there's beer!! Fuck it! I'll just have some beereal!"
by Adem G April 05, 2012

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