one who indulges in large quantities of beer or lager,then eats kebabs and vomits.
fuckin beer monsters puked on my trainers the cunt.
by horse September 20, 2003
Top Definition
1. A guy who drinks lots and falls over every available free moment.

2. The evil monster that visits you when you have been on a bender and steals all your money, sends bizarre text messages and offensive e-mails to all your friends, makes all your clothes smell funny, hides your underwear, messes up your house, and then shits in your mouth before leaving.
Also wipes all your memory of the previous night.

By either definition, he's a cunt and you spend all your time apologising for him.
1. I have never seen Rob sober, the guy's a complete Beer Monster.

2. I need to go into town, the Beer Monster stole all my money, <vomits>, maybe later...
by ..WiL May 22, 2005
The party act during which the participant pulls their shirt over their head, as to cover their face, and then chug a beer through it.
Frank - Why'd Quinton just get out of the shower covered in beer?

Chris - Oh. He just finished doing a beer monster.
by Da Burr Munster April 17, 2011
The act of sneak attacking a random person/friend often in a bar setting, pulling your shirt over their face and pouring a beer in their mouth through the shirt. This often leads to poor decisions, mopping of bar floor, multiple purchases of white v-neck tees, and loss of dignity.
Jacquie recklessly beer monstered Julian at Nichols.

A groom was beermonstered by random girl, marriage almost ruined.
by JMJQ November 07, 2010
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