A beverage consisting of some fruit juice and beer. Typically drank by metro sexual dumb asses who don't have the testicular fortitude to drink whiskey or Guinness.
Orange juice and Budweiser.

Man Girl 1: What would you like to drink?
Man Girl 2: Oh, my vagina hurts too much today. How about a beer cocktail.
Man Girl 1: You bet, don't forget to wear your dress and Gay pride sticker.
by Beer Drinker1 February 19, 2008
Top Definition
When you have beer left over after many nights of drinking that has collected into a large ammount of Alcohol usually with many different types of beer. When you decide to drink this ungodly concauction it usually results in everyone fighting over the best beer in the lot.
Hey man you want to drink tonight? I have a huge beer cocktail after the party last night.
Whats in the beer cocktail?
Just some Heineken and bud light
I got dibs on the Heineken
by Chunkierfish November 22, 2012
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