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beer is the reason i beleave god looks like carl of aquateen hunger force and lives in a trailer park, all hail steve beer god
this beer is so good steve the god of hops and aging must have made it himself
by Jay-Hawk September 10, 2007
beer RULES but there could be more in my frige but hey ill do with only 25 bottles
beer rules beer rules beer rules
by Shoemaker January 13, 2005
the best damn thing next to monkeys, trance and boobs XD
The world will belong to the monkeys once they start drinking beer and listening to trance!

prophecy of the beer drinking listening to trance monkey who will rule the world
by beer monkey February 17, 2008
beer is yeast piss (along with co2 which is more like yeasy farts)
beer makes the plants grow
by jonhomebrewer January 01, 2004
dj gs68 is telling a load of cock-and-bull a litre of beer a day helps PREVENT heart disease and is just as effective in preventing heart attacks than wine is maybe more.
a litre of beer a day keeps the doctors away.
by Brother Number One October 12, 2003
Probably, like, a jukie's favorite thing.
Jukie #1: Yo, let's go drink some beer.
Jukie #2: Shit, I don't have any money because I am a dirty jukie!
Jukie #3: Come on party people! Give money to the jukies!
by K. Federline January 11, 2007
A shitty, extremely bitter beverage which I have no idea how it so popular. If you want to drink real beverages, go for expenive red wine, brandy, or rum.
Brands like Bud Light, Miller Light, Golden Biersch, Heineken are all beer (there are more brands, but I can't think of any others right now).
by Dinoman March 10, 2005