A magic potion used to make people of the opposite look better
She had no teeth and a 3 inch diameter goiter on the side of her bearded face, but after a 12 pack of beer I didn't even notice.
by smoog August 13, 2004
gift from god and a cure all.
Beer makes ugly women pretty and loosens pretty womens inhibitions. It warms u when your cold and cools u when your warm. Brings u up when u feel down, and helps u celebrate the good times. every ocassion is made better by beer. want an example. picture yourself eating a pizza, now picture yourself eating a pizza w/ a beer. Picture yourself watching the super bowl, now picture yourself watching the super bowl w/ a beer
by robert duffitt November 09, 2006
A miracle drink that makes ugly women look like super models, and when you sleep with them makes you forget about it.
Guy1: WOW! She is hot!
Guy2: Man, no more beer for you.
by Adrian Skertchly May 03, 2005
The cause and solution to all of lifes problems.
Cause: Hey man, im sorry that i fucked your wife, and crashed your car and ate all of your pizza and pissed on your dog.

Solution: But, i can go pick you up some beer tonight, and we can hang out at my place.
by Btabs July 01, 2010
the meaning of life, is beer. when you're at a party, or just sitting around with your buddies having a nice juicy 4 pound serloin steak with delicious bbq sauce, nothings better than having a beer. As a certified underage drinker, I enjoy the cool refreshing drop of beer on my tongue. Have a beer, have a wonderful time.
weeee i love beer. beer is really good. SUPERCALAFRAGILISTICEXPIALIDOCIOUS ? f- that shit, BEER.
by vandermeer ! August 26, 2005
The world's oldest alcoholic beverage (approximately 11,000 years old). Made from fermentation of sugars derived from malted grains. It gives one the false impression that they have the ability to do anything.
Last night, after drinking 11 beers, I vandalized an elementary school, shit on my ex-girlfriend's front porch, and crashed into a cop car.
by patjuno? November 19, 2011
A carmel colored liquid, used to lower ihibitions. Usually consumed in mass quantities, causing the consumer to vomit violently.
I saw this really hot chick, and was scared to talk to her. After a couple beers, i got up my nerve.
by Pixie.Punk July 10, 2008
Quite possibly the greatest thing ever invented.
Wow, Gimme a beer or i will kill you.
by SvenJamin November 03, 2007
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