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A magic potion used to make people of the opposite look better
She had no teeth and a 3 inch diameter goiter on the side of her bearded face, but after a 12 pack of beer I didn't even notice.
by smoog August 13, 2004
1664 444
Helping Ugly People Have Sex Since the 1600s!
Even though Linda was beat as hell,after a few beers she was beautiful!
by Derek214 May 28, 2006
227 55
...because everyone needs a hobby
dude, i'm bored. Time for a beer
by Joe Face August 09, 2005
242 79
What god used to prevent the irish from taking over the world.
The irish would've taken over the world hundreds of years ago, but they haven't recovered from their hangovers from Guinness beer yet.
by Jewish Mafia June 03, 2006
190 48
the true nectar of life
-Hey you wanna feed that donkey some beer and get it all fucked up?
-Maybe later.
-I'll go put some beer in a bucket.
by Duffman August 11, 2003
156 65
its what my daddy drinks before he beats me
daddy says if i touch his beer he will crack my spine in half across his knee
by supdude54 May 27, 2008
134 53
Possibly the best thing ever to be invented ever. I MEAN IT.
GIVE ME BEER. NOW, or I will hurt you.
by THE METALHEAD March 01, 2005
118 39
Beer, it is the quintessential human delusion, simultaneously the source of our greatest strength, and our greatest weakness. The cause and answer to all of life's problems!
Let us get pissed, my fine fellow drinkers!
by JewLove December 29, 2004
112 36