A magic potion used to make people of the opposite look better
She had no teeth and a 3 inch diameter goiter on the side of her bearded face, but after a 12 pack of beer I didn't even notice.
by smoog August 13, 2004
Crap that people drink gallons of so they can do crazy shit, have bad hangovers, and die of heart disease.
You see that guy who just collapsed on the sidewalk? I don't feel sorry for him. He drank like 25 1-liter glasses of beer last night.
by dj gs68 September 22, 2003
1) Adj. Disappointing, flaccid, lame, or unworthy of it's hype

2)Verb. To become disappointing, flaccid, or lame

3) Verb. To fail in a pathetic (and often comedic) manner, particularly after initially seeming awesome
1) Man, that concert was so beer. The Stones should just retire already

2) The party was fun at first, but it quickly beered when Samit showed up.

3) The blindfolded car jump really beered when he went off the side of the ramp.
by SinisterTeddybear September 07, 2008
something that makes you a poser when you dance game, which usually ends in a sprained ankle or a destroyed Pump/DDR pad
I had too many beers... I got shot on Pom Pom Pom in Normal mode...
by Xiro January 03, 2003
What breaks up familes. What caused my dad to die. Beer=hell. It tastes like fucking poop!
Mom: hey guess what?
Me: What?
Mom: Your dad is dead
mom: He was drinking too much beer again and...
by Bayle November 13, 2007
one of the many poisons of our society, used by people to escape reality.
I just lost my job, I need a beer.
by Lanky Joe November 02, 2005
An alcoholic beverage composed mostly of barley, hops and water that makes you intoxicated when you drink enough
beer is gross.
by wendy lane May 23, 2003
Drink enough beer then you look at homeless people and say that's going to be me tonight.hi me.
michael's uncle.
by joe April 16, 2003

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