the true nectar of life
-Hey you wanna feed that donkey some beer and get it all fucked up?
-Maybe later.
-I'll go put some beer in a bucket.
by Duffman August 11, 2003
a Facebook code "I`m a woman that wishes she was single"

see Whisky
on facebook:
Sarah: Beer!
Jane: what does that mean?
Sarah: I'll explain later.
Richard: can you explain to me too?
Sarah: no, its an inside Girl thing.
by jojoplay December 11, 2010
Term for "beer" in Wisconsin
Ey Mark, you wanna drink some beers and watch the Packer game?
by ElCaptino March 07, 2010
The process of purchasing and/or consuming beer, used in verb form.
1. I just got off of work, I think it's time for me to beer.

2. To beer or not to beer, that is the question.
by SDM5150 December 13, 2009
helping ugly people have sex.
after sex, i'd like to honor my beer by shoving one in my partner's ass
by booboo1 July 09, 2009
Beer is the milk of students.
As Erich Maria Remarque one said "Rum is the milk of soldiers", we say "beer is the milk of students".
by beer-milk March 04, 2008
Quite possibly the greatest thing ever invented.
Wow, Gimme a beer or i will kill you.
by SvenJamin November 03, 2007
reeb spelled bakerds
by biged December 24, 2002

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