the true nectar of life
-Hey you wanna feed that donkey some beer and get it all fucked up?
-Maybe later.
-I'll go put some beer in a bucket.
by Duffman August 11, 2003
The piss of angels.
Beer is that stuff that I drink when I feel like not realizing what Im doing.
by Arcangelo January 29, 2009
- After Bacon. it's the way of life
- The saver of old lonely men
- It even sounds cool..heh..heh.. Beer.
- I'm so drunk I forgot my life sucks
- Look everyone.. that guys hat looks like a penis...
- heheheheheeheehehehehe pickle...
by sk8aholic July 24, 2004
a substance imbibed by males which, in time improves the appearance of ugly women and should be purchased more than makeup cuz it does a whole hell of a lot more for ya if yer really ugly than any makeup ever will
After 15 beers, rosie odonnel becomes do-able
by king god the pharoah December 21, 2003
what is the malted liquor
what gets you drunker quicker
what comes in bottles or in cans (beer!)
can't get enough of it (beer!)
how we really love it (beer!)
makes me think i'm a man (beer!)
i could kiss and hug it (beer!)
but i'd rather chug it (beer!)
got my belly up to here (beer!)
i could not refuse a (beer!)
i could really use a (beer!)
Beer, Beer, Beer!
by [ - stacys mom - ] October 18, 2003
the answer to all my problems, and the cause of most
finish your beer, there are sober people in china!
by anastasia beavehausen August 26, 2003
Helping ugly people have sex since 9000 BC.
Can Oog get you beer?
by robertv September 19, 2009
What Jesus made when the wine ran out.
And Jesus touched twelve more vessels of water and behold, they turned into clear, golden beer..
by Anonymous June 29, 2003
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