the true nectar of life
-Hey you wanna feed that donkey some beer and get it all fucked up?
-Maybe later.
-I'll go put some beer in a bucket.
by Duffman August 11, 2003
helping ugly people have sex.
after sex, i'd like to honor my beer by shoving one in my partner's ass
by booboo1 July 09, 2009
And on the 8th day, God created beer, to keep the Canadians from taking over the world.
Canadian 1: wanna take over the world, eh?
Canadian 2: na, let's just have a beer.
by Canadian Booze Hound October 24, 2008
Beer is the milk of students.
As Erich Maria Remarque one said "Rum is the milk of soldiers", we say "beer is the milk of students".
by beer-milk March 04, 2008
Also know as brew. A liquid more necessary than blood, makes everything more interesting and adds meaning to life.
Another shot, another beer is all that I have planned
by thissucksletsgogetdrunk October 16, 2009
An alcoholic beverage that allows people to temporarily escape reality for a few hours. Contains very little alcohol per volume, so you need about 50 oz to really get drunk.
I drank 2 12 oz bottles of beer last night but still didn't get drunk! What bullshit, that crap was nasty too.

I drank 6 12 oz bottles and am drunk out of my mind.
by gin gent October 18, 2008
1. A drink that makes you warm, drowsy, and fun. Then, come the hangovers...

2. A drink you drink normaly, or, your drink. What you drink all the time.
1. Dude! I had so much beer last night! I have such a hang-over!!!

2. Dude 1: Hey man, what's your beer?
Dude 2: My beer is (insert name brand here)!
by JoeMarcello November 03, 2007
main reason why ugly people have sex
i drank 12 1-packs and screwed this fat chick. It was great
by doober May 14, 2003
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