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Proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.
Helping white people dance since the 1600's.
by Homer Simpson June 14, 2003
4068 714
Any one of serveral IBC beverages, but most often used to refer to root beer
Let's get some beers at Walmart.
by BMG December 17, 2002
16 54
Something that needs to be kept away from humans
Beer what else is there to say?
by Tonio31 September 07, 2006
29 70
A great drink.

...for screwing up your brain.
<Random man> *drinks beer*
<Random woman> *also drinks beer
<RW> Okay!

(The next day...)

<RM> Why am I in another person's bed? And why am I in my underwear?
by dj gs68 February 12, 2004
66 114
An alcoholic beverage with a similar taste and aromatic qualities to cat piss. For some unknown reason people seem to subject themselves to pints of it at a time. Should only be drunk my masochists and force fed to prisoners.
To find out just how bad beer can taste try some Tennants.
by Beerlover February 10, 2006
61 119
a poor vodka substitute that looks like and tastes like piss (and also makes you piss a lot)
fuck i'm out of smirnoff, guess we'll have to chug some nasty ass bud lite tonight

shit i broke seal! now i'm going spend the rest of the night at the pisser, thanks to all the beer (pissing the night away..)
by b0bert March 07, 2006
25 92
Foul tasting liquid drank by fools trying to appear trendy or damage their bodies. When someone says "pick your poison" they're more correct than they realize.
Ethanol is a known toxin, depiste it's negative effects it is widely accepted as a bevarage because of silly, useless traditions.
by Mr. Know-It-All-Fucked-Yo-Mama November 28, 2004
76 153
what pussies who cant take hard liquor drink
but it does taste good, and works well with a meal
by fetus face August 12, 2003
52 141