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Someone who is drunk 24/7. So drunk they are believed to have passed away, while their body is still alive and is now running on nothing but alcohol. This type of Zombie is usually vary neutral, and won't try to eat you. Although it is a fun idea to invite him over to your house to play video games with one, it is not suggested, because they will piss on everything you own.
Man: Hey dude, you see A.J. anywhere?
Dude: No- wait, HES BEHIND YOU!!!
Beer Zombie: ahaghjshjj *falls over*
by Splek January 01, 2009
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An alcoholic with qualities of the un-dead.
Reanimated human corpse with constant desire to consume beer or other alcohol related beverages.
An intoxicated, maggot riddled, rotted & disfunctional drunk.
My pet BEER ZOMBIE hates you, but loves your guts.
by rrrwethereyet May 19, 2011

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