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The disturbing wall of flesh that extends over, or shields the visual site, of a obese womans vagina.
A fine example of this is likely available within your own family tree. Man you'd need a car jack to fuck your Aunt Katie with that crazy ass Beer Pussy.
by Edwin Alfred October 14, 2005
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The expansion of a woman's pussy by mass consumption of alcohol.
Check out that girls beerpussy!
by CreedsThoughts August 31, 2011
2 1
1. A guy who drinks too much to get an erection after a few too many alcoholic beverages have been consumed.

2. A fat man with a beergut. Often seen breaking windows and repeatedly questioning his own beerpussiness 'Beerpussy?' as if he isn't one himself.

3. Slang term for the opportunity for copulation with a drunken slut.
"Wow! What a beerpussy!"
"You call me beerpussy?"
"I'm on the hunt for some sweet sweet beerpussy!"
by chrychek November 20, 2006
0 7