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The person who doesn't make a shot the entire game. They are then forced to sit under the table and be made fun of until the next game is over.

Many pictures should be taken.
Holy shit you suck! How could you not make one shot during a whole game of beer pong. Get under the table you beer pong troll!


by NeverBeenTrolled March 17, 2009
a Beer Pong Troll is a someone who misses every shot on purpose in beer pong for the sake of drinking all of his/her/their drinks and getting drunk. Hence the word "Troll".
Guy 1: man, Don missed all of the shots in that last game of beer pong! he must suck!
Guy 2: nah, man. he missed it on purpose so he could get fucked up fast!
Guy 1: Wow, what a Beer Pong Troll.
by sTrollingAlong December 17, 2010
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