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A simple suburb where houses are cheap, people look cheap, are kinda crazy but proud of it.

Then- someone took a dump on it.
Oh SHlT! I fell into Beenleigh
#beenleigh high #eagleby #drugs #liquor #dumpster-diving
by viruslaser April 01, 2009
Beenleigh is the sister suburb to eagleby and at a parellel to others suburbs such as woodridge, nimbin, kingston and others similar. Once a small suburb, Beenleigh is now imfamous for it's rapists and general misdemeanors that occur on a daily basis. Beenleigh is also known as the eigth wonder of the world as it is the only hole above ground. Home to the marketplace, skateparks, Beenleigh High, random shops and the courthouse it is your little slice of hell within suburbia.
Beenleigh is the only hole above ground (The marketplace is soon slipping underground to the pond it was first built on)
#beenleigh #hole #beanleigh #eagleby #beenlea
by Hailey_ June 11, 2008
a place in .QLD, AUSTRALIA
near the M1 and middle of gold coast and brisbane,
a place where alot of ppl from surroundin places go for, School, Shopping, traino & court
an ok place but a bit well.... ppl say it's almost as bad a eagleby which is the next suburb ova
lets go to the marketplace (main shopping centre in beenleigh)
#benleigh #beanleigh #benlee #beanlea #gvhg
by naypolian June 06, 2007
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