1. mike ideh
2.Penguin (see def of penguin # 32 or 31)
God beef go fuck your sister!!!
by shitfaced assclown October 18, 2004
Beef is Aas when he turns into an angry individual.
Whoa! Did you just see Beef throw that bitch over the boat?
by Merkel July 27, 2004
beef: (noun)
1. Meat that is made from cows.
2. Slang term for penis.
You gonna eat that beef mofo?
by vin July 25, 2004
I can't find it...
Where's the beef?
by Spiffy Hamster May 24, 2004
Subject of conversation
what is your beef?
by Bernie September 24, 2003
The meat off of a cow
Go kill a cow and cook me a ham burger
by Hitomi June 27, 2003
Aside from the definition already mentioned about having a grudge or issues with somebody, it can also refer to how much skin a girl has hanging from her vagina. Beef is the floppy inner and outer labia skin that can hang down all floppy, usually due to getting nailed a lot.
The girl is hot but she has a lot of beef.
by Yariyari September 30, 2007

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