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Beef is Aas when he turns into an angry individual.
Whoa! Did you just see Beef throw that bitch over the boat?
by Merkel July 27, 2004
beef: (noun)
1. Meat that is made from cows.
2. Slang term for penis.
You gonna eat that beef mofo?
by vin July 25, 2004
I can't find it...
Where's the beef?
by Spiffy Hamster May 24, 2004
Subject of conversation
what is your beef?
by Bernie September 24, 2003
The meat off of a cow
Go kill a cow and cook me a ham burger
by Hitomi June 27, 2003
Aside from the definition already mentioned about having a grudge or issues with somebody, it can also refer to how much skin a girl has hanging from her vagina. Beef is the floppy inner and outer labia skin that can hang down all floppy, usually due to getting nailed a lot.
The girl is hot but she has a lot of beef.
by Yariyari September 30, 2007
crazy, unbelievable
"Whoa! That's beef!!"
by nel09 December 10, 2005