dude 1>Yo dude, have you got any beef?
dude 2>sure man, got some prime beef right here.
dude 1>sweet, let's roast it up.
by grillking February 05, 2009
Cocaine, yes cocaine.
my nose is bloody from bumpin' too many beefers!
by rolo tamasi February 22, 2006
Cow meat
Violence/aggro/a grudge
'Showtime main event you can't beef me Dizzee Rasc hotter than Nelly I can't lose' - From Stand Up Tall by da one and only Dizzee Rascal
by Poo lover July 02, 2005
a brown meaty substance that comes from cows. normally eaten by humans and kangaroos. can also be know as stake. also a term for fat
mmmmmm steak

hey look at your beefy mam
by ecaugdwjhd May 26, 2005
(verb) 1. To engage in filthy sex in an inappropriate locale, simply for the sheer shock value associated with the retelling of the Hero tale to peers. Generally associated with the consumption of alcohol, a complete lack of morals or just general charisma and coolness.
Robert beefed one in St. Peters Basilica, the largest church in the world, while visiting the Vatican.
by Pope Beefenstein XVI April 26, 2005
A loud usually smelly and possibly moist fart.
"oh man did u just beef your pants?
by The Notorious V.E.E.K March 24, 2005
1) A type of meat
2)A park view sixth form term for pencil case
1) "i'm eating beef"
2) "Raj get off my beef"
"Just a minute while i get my beef out!"
by Reg February 04, 2005

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