to have beef with someone is wanting a fight with them. A person having something against someone else or wanting an argument or a fight
oi blad why u want beef with me
oi u jacked my bredrin yeah and now i got beef with u
by buffness July 13, 2003
Slang term used by slightly mad scots men to describe the game Battlefield 1942
Beef! BEEF! Lets play some BEEF!!!
by Gamesoc March 17, 2004
when you have problems/fights with another persone
"why u gotta start beef with my girl"
"dont be starting beef with me"
by cass February 22, 2004
to acknowledge that you have a problem with someone
"im gonna squash that beef"
by Dick Justice September 01, 2003
A beef is very unfortunate.......

We all know what a fart is and a lot of us will probably know what a queef is (vaginal fart)......a beef is both of them together.

So as you squeeze out your regular every day fart from your butt, you also happen to release vaginal air at the same time due to you baring down thus creating a 'BEEF'.
Elson: "OMG I just strained to get rid of this fart and I did a queef too".

Cooke: Haha you dirty bitch, you just did a rip roaring beef!
by vous69 July 28, 2011
To fart.
"Who let out that beef?" or "Who beef'd?" or "Woah! that was a juicy beef!"
by emmarhoids May 04, 2009
The boomer zombie on Left for dead
"Hey guys do you hear that gurgle noise?"
"Yea it kinda sounds like beef"
by BUTTERS!!!!! May 01, 2009
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