to have beef with someone is wanting a fight with them. A person having something against someone else or wanting an argument or a fight
oi blad why u want beef with me
oi u jacked my bredrin yeah and now i got beef with u
by buffness July 13, 2003
to engage in intercourse with a member of the opposite sex
man 1 : hey dude you like the guh with da fatty

man 2 : yea man i want to beef that wellington
by jason5843 August 20, 2008
Slang for 'Boyfriend'. Derives from traditional 'b-f' by pronouncing the two letters together, forming the common noun 'beef'.
Andrea saw her beef after having finished her last class on Monday.
by Cassian April 27, 2006
Where Is the?? Who Knows????
Wheres the beef??????
by lemmings December 03, 2004
A penis
My girl tried to bite my beef off!
by Woohoo September 12, 2003
Something that is very unfair. (Used mainly by home schoolers who learn ghetto slang by listening to G.R.I.T.S, KJ 52 and T-Bone.)
Your parents won't let you play Halo2? That is so BEEF!
by Bubba Himself-a May 16, 2005
A male Dick
"she grabbed my beef and let me skeet on her"

"thats some meaty beef in your shorts
by A-Ray December 08, 2003
a females genitals with a "beefy" texture or look about it

common word from school kids that spend there ICT lessons looking at diseased vaginas.
oh it's a bit of beef that
by bessyheew June 22, 2010

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