Short for B.G., which is short for Bus Girl, which is short for the 87 Bus Girl.
I met the love of my life on the 87 bus, and now i call her my beedge.
by The beedges February 01, 2010
Top Definition
A quick and efficient way to shorten b.j. into one pleasant sounding word for all.
Sarah just walked in and started giving me a beedge out of nowhere!
by lainer August 10, 2010
Noun: abbreviation for 'Baby Gurl'.

1) a person who shares an immensely close mutual relationship to another person based on feelings of high personal regard and affection

A beedge refers to a human being, generally female. A beedge cannot exist as a single entity, a beedge must have a counterpart whom they may call their beedge. The term beedge often describes the relationship of two sisters, though genetic similarity is not necessarily a requirement. To be classified as beedges, the two individuals must share: many interests in common; a unique dialect; and a vast set of personal jokes not comprehended by those outside the beedgeship.
Beedge, yo know yo ma' world
by kenol818 October 07, 2010
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