noun: a female who makes inappropriate cartoonish noises during sexual activities ie. the awoooooogaa horn, incorrect answer horn report, exaggerated whizzing takeoff, or fart mimic, or duck voice.
The girl I was with last night was beautiful but I don't know if I she was turned her on or not because she is a beeber.
by slimdread February 14, 2013
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A deformed waste of carbon flesh which emits a high-pitched whine and spreads its influence to other wastes of carbon flesh.
"My God! It looks like that young lady has mange!"

"Don't worry, that's just a beeber. It'll die in a few years from the drugs, anyhow."
by Darinus May 13, 2013
A lazy fuck that sleeps all day and smokes all night.

To post up on a piece of comfortable furniture and pass out, usually covered in cheeto crumbs
Me: GODAMNIT BEEBER wake up already its 5 in the afternoon.
Beeber: Is the bowl packed?

Shit, don't beeber the pool table!
by Tomerica the Beautiful August 09, 2009

1. generally a member of the science or information technology community, but may also include those marked by significant knowledge in a specific area of nerd culture; this group is also prone to wearing colored jeans and corduroys.

2. most importantly, these specialized nerds typically possess a physical or social impairment that is either the result of, or the cause of, their super nerd condition.
Normal 1: OMG.. Did you hear that beeber we just passed?

Normal 2: WTF is a 'foobar'?

Normal 1: I don't know, dude. Maybe it's the name of the planet where those tight brown highwater corduroys are cool.
by M0RNINGSTAR December 31, 2009

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