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Discussing via phone or text what one person would like to do to the other in reference to sexual intercourse and/or foreplay.
Masturbation is usually involved in this act.
"Dude, I told this girl a bedtime story last night and she moaned so loud!"
by suckmycorn February 01, 2009
223 25
1. A positive story that you tell all your friends about a sexual encounter that you had with someone you randomly picked up.
"You know I saw you leave the club last night with that person. You got a bed time story to tell us?"

"I think I'm gonna hit what's their face on the cell late night. See if I cant have me a bed time story, and live happily ever after."
by eJAKEulate January 14, 2008
8 8
The act of pulling out the porn just before sleeping and having a wank before passing out asleep. A common practice amongst teenage boys, as well as self-proclaimed celibates.
Man - "So what did you get up to last night ?"

Colleague - "Not much, just watched tv and read myself a bedtime story"
by Ngoc8r February 10, 2007
29 58
An unexpected reception of a sexual act from another person at night, in one's bed.
Shawn thought Sara had gone home, but she returned to give him a bedtime story
by Vpdotcom March 28, 2009
3 44