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Someone who gets a hard on when they see a sexy man or woman. Someone who would have sexual relations with a man or a woman. But would only date or marry someone of the opposite sex.

Someone who's ultimate fantasy is to suck cock while they have sex.
Adam: Dam that girl has some nice boobs! I wanna suck on them!

Rob: Yeah man she is hot!

Adam: Dam look at that guys tight ass! I wanna go down on him!

Rob: Gross dude... Don't you have a girlfriend?

Adam: Yeah bro I'm a bedroom bisexual
#bisexual #bicurious #straight #gay #lesbian
by Bi Stud October 12, 2009
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A person who is sexualy attracted to men and women but romanticly attracted to only members of the opposite sex.
Bill: didn't you have sex with jake and ashley?
Ted: Yes
Bill: but you only dated ashley
Ted: yeah I dont date guys im bedroom bisexual
#bisexual #trisexual #gay #lesbian #straight #bicurious
by BiRy August 22, 2008
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