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Extremely white collar,preppy and wealthy town roughly 45 minutes north of New York City in Westchester County, New York. Situated in between the infamous Greenwich, CT and Chappaqua, NY, Bedford has an extremely rural and New Englandy feel to it, containing farms with horses, large forests and rolling hills. Bedford is, however, far from your average rural town. Due to its relaxing atmosphere and close proximity to NYC and several large bodies of water, Bedford attracts the "rich and famous" and is considered to be one of the wealthiest towns in the United States. Residents include Glen Close, Chevy Chase, Mariah Carey, rapper DMX, billionaire George Soros, billionaire Donald Trump, billionaire Nelson Peltz, designer Ralph Lauren, designer Calvin Klein, designer Joseph Abude, Monica Lewinsky, and Susan Suranden. It seems at though the town is split 50/50: Jewish/WASP--the two groups are very different but get along fine. The average price for a home is over 1,000,000 dollars; many homes lie in estates of over 100 acres that entail lavish gates, swimming pools and sometimes even helicopter pads. Bedfordians are far less snotty, but equally as wealthy as Greenwhich or Chappaqua residents, as exemplified by the fact that most of the wealthy teenagers go to the local public high school. Residents under 18 drink way too much and are generally addicted to cocaine.
"Want to come to Bedford Golf and Tennis County Club with me?"
"It's a WASP golf course, I'm Jewish, they wont let me in. But you can come to the Jewish golf course Rockarimmin with me!"

"I just saw Ralph Lauren driving out of his estate on Guard Hill Road."

"Why does everyone in Bedford wear flip flops all the time?"
by Jaymoooooo March 02, 2006
Bedford Mass...AKA Deadford. A small town with a small highschool of around 750 where about a third of the kids live on Hanscom AFB.

We're right next to rich douche bag asshole Concord and wannabe ghetto asshole Lexington, and whenever we go somewhere out of state or even twenty minutes away and we say we're from Bedford they always say OH I WENT THERE THE HARBOR IS LOVELY. This is where I punch them in the face and say FUCK YOU THAT'S NEW BEDFORD. At least we have a McDonald's, SUPER stop and shop, Marshalls, TJ Maxx, Whole Foods, and three liquor stores.

We probably have the most drugs in our immediate area, mostly consisting of reefer but we also have shrooms, acid, salvia, X, and probably more...Drinking is common too.

For some reason, the amount of traffic makes getting from one side of town to the other nearly impossible.

We have a good high school full of preppy stoners, smart stoners, jock stoners, dumb stoners, and ghetto stoners. Then there are a few straight edge kids. It's mostly white kids, and the black kids are either from the base or (mostly) from Boston (metco program). However, the black kids usually just intimidate the white kids, walk slow, and the black girls get mad if you get within 3 feet of them. While some may think it, there isn't much bad-assery around except for the middle schoolers who draw dicks all over the barely used skatepark......

Our sports suck most of the time, but when they aren't sucking they actually do pretty well.

To sum it up, Bedford is a rich, white person town with a nice commercial center, and near the mall (thankfully), full of stoners (of all ages, not just the HS), and undiverse. But better than limp dick Concord.
New Bedford will get owned by melted polar ice caps bitch
by Rahfeer CDOC January 13, 2009
A small Indiana town about an hour south of Indianapolis. Known for their great accomplishment of highest teenage pregnancy rate in the midwest. Hometown to 3 astronauts. Most people here are trying to keep up with the Jones', and most fail. All people live out of their means, with 2 of every 3 families driving a gas guzzling SUV that costs more than their home. Everyone claims to know basketball legend Damon Bailey, and are waiting for the day that Bob Knight returns to IU. The teenagers here find a good time in toilet papering half the town, and the cops out number the residents 5 to 1. The high school was originally made to be a prison, but has been 'transformed' to accommodate 1500+ students of which 1 in 3 will coincidentally end up in the local jail or pregnant.
"what are you doing tonight?"

"i don't know, bedford sucks. what are you doing?"

"there's nothing to do. let's just do it."


by balinski August 15, 2008
Situated 45 minutes north of manhatten,bedford looks like small town, that is very family oriented. Bedford is very beautiful, and is great for young kids and adults. as well the teens find enough fun too. bedford village males play hockey or lacrosse for fox lane or there prep school, there wardrobe is nothing but polo or abercrombie, they wear kahkis and plad shorts along with polo's or oxfords shirts, they are the life of the party, notorious to be heavy drinkers. kids from bedford live the good life and know how to have fun. A typical bedford saturday will be eating at the bedford village deli,going to bedford golf and tennis club all afternoon with the exception of hockey or lax practice,nights consisit of beer pong and numerous keg stands at you friends party, as well waking up with a girl next to you the next day. bedford kids are known to be popular, and are well liked. Bedford girls have fake tans designer glasses and similar wardrobe style to the males. they are known sluts, but very down to earth. A bedford kid usually lives in a house costing over 1 million dollars, and has 3-4 friends with pools and tennis courts at there house. celeberties always race there fancy cars along 172, bedford is overall a quiet but fun town, with everything for any one.
you are from bedford?...where is the party then tonight?
by j4ake23 July 10, 2006
Female Befords are a sexy race of people who are ALWAYS the life of the party. She will often be found in the center of a large group of the opposite sex shaking what her mama gave her. If one of her many admirers should fall ill the female Bedford wastes no time in moving on to greener pastures. If you don't like being shown up DO NOT party with a Bedford, they are just to SEXY!
Look at that sexy Bedford!

by starvespa February 10, 2009
commonly used term to cover the fact you are a grown woman going to or talking about twilight.
I am sorry I cannot attend your business mixer on Thursday night. I will am going to Bedford to visit some friends.

I wonder if that guy will go all Bedford on me.

This meeting is over. I have a call to discuss new developments in Bedford.
by moofer November 16, 2012
Bedford, Indiana - Bedford is about 70 miles equidistant from Indianapolis and Louisville, and 18 miles south of Bloomington, the home of Indiana University.

Its a red neck, dirty cop community where everyone talks about everyone else yet the entire community has skeletons in their closets.

Adjectives: boring, dirty, trash.
Boring: "This party is lame. It feels like we're back in Bedford."

Dirty: "This place is a mess. it's like a Bedford trailer." or "Those cops are crooked, they must be from Bedford."

Trash: "She (or he) is sooo Bedford white trash."
by the clutch August 15, 2008
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