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Mainly a Black Community, Bedford Stuyvesant, or Bed-Stuy is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Brooklyn. Today, Bedford Stuyvesant is a real bad neighborhood to be and to live in. Mayor Michael Bloomberg of 2005, declared Bed-Stuy the most dangerous, dirty, and highest crime rate neighborhood out of Brooklyn. Over the last year, Bedford Stuyvesant has gotten a little bit better and very few parts a little cleaner. Bed-Stuy is also bordered by Canarsie, East New York, New Lots and is not to far from the Brooklyn Border.
Everyday, I take the L-Train to Bedford Stuyvesant to get to my school.
#ghetto #brooklyn #nyc #canarsie #new lots #eny #black community
by GAME50 November 08, 2005
A cool and up coming community in the middle of Brooklyn. The neighborhood has a nice mix of old southern soul, spicy Caribbean mix, progressive forward thinkers, trendy condo owners and small fascinating businesses. Used to be thought of as high crime about a decade ago- but this has changed greatly as the community has built itself up and had many others move in and build alongside them.
I wanted to move to NYC but Manhattan is so expensive and the Bronx is so laid back so i moved to bedford stuyvesant and its just enough city and charm!
#bed-stuy #brooklyn #the bronx #best borough #up and coming place to live #simply da best!
by Saphirrra December 04, 2011
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