1.) Bassist of 80's ska band madness
"I cannot BELIEVE that Bedders shaved his head. He looked so pretty and homosexual before!!"
by Agatha Mold October 04, 2004
Top Definition
Someone who aquires a medal or trophy & has to tell everyone he/she knows about it. Generally more than once too!
"Hey Duncan have you seen my medal?"
"Oh I'm sorry Bedders! have you not already SnapChatted me something to do with that?"

"Can I have a beer please"
"Sure, did you see my trophy?"
"Who are you? Bedders! Give me my beer"
by Earl Squirilsons June 12, 2013
It means going to bed
Im going bedders now
by josiecoops February 25, 2009
An emphasized way of saying "better"
This job is so much bedder than the last job I had!
by Theempatheticweirdo June 02, 2009

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