Someone with a minimum of 7 body piercings, not including their ears.
Alice hasn't been able to go near magnets since she was bedazzled.
by Dr. Skinner April 18, 2010
Top Definition
The act of adding bling ( glitter, jewels ) to a clothing item. Often popular among latino men. A animalistic form of attracting a mate ( much like the peacock ) most commonly worn in da club !
by sherman dash June 02, 2010
To be bedazzled, a girl must lose the vaginal and anal virginity (birginity) in the same night. See also, Websterize, "hop the curb."
Kate lost her behymen? I thought she was a virgin! Yeah, John bedazzled her when he visited last fall.
by art carbunkle May 19, 2006
To ejaculate on a female's back before sprinkling glitter on it.
I just bedazzled my girl and it was fabulous!
by Mtregi May 21, 2015
When you're doing your girl doggy style and you pull out and cum on her ass cheeks and it looks like rinestones on bedazzled pants.
Dude I was about to bust inside her but I pulled out and bedazzled her.
by Hispanicpancake April 23, 2011
The act of shooting a load on a girls face then throwing glitter on her face, thus, bedazzling it. Essentially, it's a 'pretty' cum shot.
Man, she was suckin my dick so hard and when I pulled out I bedazzled her face! She still has glitter in her eyes!
by TheBedazzler January 17, 2010
High on meth.
Dude, I was Bedazzled as hell last night!
by drumbuster93 July 05, 2010
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