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When your partner leaves the double bed that you share and you move to the middle of the bed, and start waving your legs and arms to make the shape of an angel in the bed.
I kicked the girlfriend out of bed and started making a bed angel
by indybob April 04, 2011
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Making 'snow angels' on a bed. Can be used against the owner of said bed by threatening to perform Bed Angels while still dripping wet from the shower. Extra evil if still covered in soap suds.

Be warned. Those performing bed angels are momentarily vulnerable to having their clothes stolen by bed owner in retaliation.
(couple in the shower) Stop smacking my ass or I'll do bed angels!
by Bellagiofan December 28, 2009
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Like making snow angels, on your bed.
I'll never amount to anything. I'm only good at making bed angels.
by catfight12 January 08, 2009
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