A conspiracy theorist who believes that Glenn Beck, the Conservative commentator, is a rapist and murderer, based on a viral blog posting that gave the name of a 1990 child rapist and murderer as Glenn Beck. Of course, it's not the same Glenn Beck that exposed Van Jones as an admitted Communist and 9/11 'Truther', but try telling the Liberal rodents that.
Glenn Beck: "Van Jones is an admitted Communist and 9/11 conspiracy theorist." {Evidence is produced.}

Van Jones: "Yeah, um.... well.... Glenn Beck is a rapist! Yeah, and... and a murderer!" {No evidence.}

Barack Obama: "It's still Bush's fault."

American viewer: "What a Becker."
by Rorschach348 September 03, 2009
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Any fat hand rolled, unfiltered joint or tobacco cigarette
Shit we're gonna get faded tonight, lets roll up that Becker
by Arube92 October 08, 2011
A spunky nick-name for a girl named Rebecca / Rebekah. Typically, one who acquits herself of the unoriginal and overused Becky or Becca nick-names. A sizzling, passionate personality like a fire, she'll keep you warm and is pretty to look at. But beware getting too close, or you will get burned.
Let's call Beckers. She's always up for doing something exciting!
by Beckers27 April 26, 2011
A verb that describes the act of lowering one's expectations for something in order to prevent against the disappointment of them not being met. It is derived from the popular TV sitcom of the same name (Becker) in which the titular character played by Ted Danson lived by a mantra of "no expectations, no disappointment." He would repeat that phrase to anyone who was attempting to get him to be more optimistic about something or just life in general, which was against his nature. He would also use the phrase to remind himself to lower his expectations when they were high.
Greg: Hey Luke tell Tom what happened to you last night
Luke: Ok
Greg: Tom this is the best story you will ever hear man.
Luke: Whoa, Becker your expectations a bit, it's not that good.
Tom: Beckered.
by Tom3457mofo April 28, 2014
A reference to a general feminine alcoholic drink such as a Appletini, cosmopolitan, blow job (Shot), Cake-Shot, wine coolers, etc.

Australian Origin.
John and Rick go to the bar together. John orders a beer, and Rick orders a cosmo.

John: "Holy, crap did you just order a becker?"
by mdsmed November 02, 2010
An awful or very unpleasant experience, defined best as 'a bit like dying but not quite.' Created as the antithesis of Kiggins the word is similarly derived from a fellow student's surname.
"I tried juggling fire last week but I was drunk so-"
"Too much cider?"
"No, Strongbow - anyway, I was juggling fire clubs but ended up catching the hot end with my face."
by Josh Butler October 21, 2007
a person who says dumb stuff. can have a big cold sore. Is funny without trying to be funny
Your not even a ghost BEcker
I have a bad feeling about this BEcker
by xcjlksdfjlkjfklsdffdggadfg March 08, 2011
In Ohio, a slang term for a homosexual who dates other men but still claims to be a heterosexual because he is embarrassed about being gay.
His boyfriend may be a becker, but he loves him nevertheless.
by wackman589 August 20, 2009

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