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A person who often does weird poses for pictures such as the duck mouth, Bebo stunners are often covered in fake tan and make up, whom a lot may be seen on bebo. Bebo stunners often spell very strangely and also are called "Bebo Stunahs" and "Beb0 5tunah5" and other variations exist.
This is an Example of a Bebo Stunner

Ciara : Boasting is not an attractive quality Simon.. :P
Simon: It is, its another of my superior sexy qualities
Ciara : Along with your modesty..
Simon: lol joke, im a 8E8o 5tuNnAh 2k4EvA
Ciara : You wish
#bebo #stunner #stunnah #facebook #make #up #makeup #fake #tan #eww
by SimonsterBenson November 05, 2011
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