A burning hunka hunka love.
Me on a Friday night.
by Jiggs. May 23, 2003
Top Definition
Another way of saying baby, with a combination of other pet names such as B, or bumby.
I love my sweet bebi, Stevio.
by Charity April 17, 2003
1) the male reproductive organ; see also penis, dick and schlong.

2) The title given to someone who acts either adorable or like a jackass.
girl: he's got a huge bebis

Anyone to an Asshole: hey bebis, fuck off. loose some weight you overweight piece of crap
by brown_jesus October 16, 2005
another word for 'baby'.
used by unintelligent people who cannot spell for shit.
"bebi i lov u so much"
by diplomatik. July 29, 2008
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