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Known by 1000s of Yu-Gi-Oh Players (The Card Game)

A Yugi-Tuber on YouTube who is known for the legend on DN (Dueling Network) a TCG site for Yu-Gi-Oh which has millions of players.

The name originally came about when Wuphlez did a troll-a-thon with Mechajaeyun & Busfare. Wuphlez was wearing clothes from the Roots brand. Roots' logo is a beaver. So he decided to name his new account BeaverRoots. Busfare's account cumshotsmcgee got banned after trolling and said to everyone " UNBAN BUSFARE". This is where the initial idea came from.

Because of BeaverRoots hundreds of people were banned from the site.

This Yugi-Tuber summoned Lord of D., Used Flute of Summoning Dragon & then Special Summoned Dark Armed Dragon. An admin was called & before Beaver Roots was banned the opponent said GG.

This user than said " EVERYONE SAY FREE BEAVER ROOTS!"

It is now an international phenomenon where people on DN shout it in the Public Chat

Wuphlez has yellow glasses, wears a winter hat and eats yoghurt & bananas on sunday night streams.
Vexacus: "U poor souls. 110 of u got banned on dn within 5mins"

Mecha: "Go on DN and go to the public chat and say free beaverroots"

Wuphlez: " Join the FB group BeaverRoots The Realist Duelist Around"

YYC: " I made an account called Free-Bieber-Roots"

TeamDarkArmedMonarchs: "Insert Clever Joke Here"
by Dragon YugiTuber Fan January 20, 2013

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